Above: Jeaux Phred sits with his alien axe, Excelsior

Tomato Dodgers... fertile and pervasive

In 2012, Jeaux Phred crash landed on the Dark Side of the Moon. To his surprise, many other Jeaux Phreds were there.

Making his way down to Earth, Jeaux manipulated and possessed four innocent civilians, thus forming the band known as "Tomato Dodgers"

Above: Dodgers, both new and old, worship dying tomato plant.


Q: Uhh yeah... You guys dodge tomatoes that's cool.. but do you also block them?

A:We do whatever it takes. Jeaux Phred recommends the Tomato Shield L1-2000QxT of the Zefron Nebula. You can find them easily on Woonan or Balask.

Q: Uhh yeah... You guys dodge tomatoes that's cool.. but can you tell me more about yourselves?

  • Tomato Dodgers: here to love you
  • Tomato Dodgers: on a mission to shut down electricity across the U.S.A.
  • Tomato Dodgers: not just a band, but a lifestyle
  • Tomato Dodgers: Jeaux-Phred's Oracular Vehicle
  • Tomato Dodgers: destined to travel backwards through time
  • Tomato Dodgers: The Band You Didn't Know You Wanted
  • Tomato Dodgers: "six trumpets and an orange crocodile-man"
  • Tomato Dodgers: what the fuck was that?
  • Tomato Dodgers: a moxious groove-machine
  • Tomato Dodgers: ready to rumble

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