Video by Dylan Cuthbert. Watch in HD!

Posted 2017-10-30

Tomato Dodgers Asia Tour October 2017


Posted 2017-08-30


Video by Jack Angelo! Full song at voidliferecords dot com! TOUR NOW 7.28 Charlottesville, VA @ Wildflower Music Fest 7.29 Richmond, VA @ The Camel 7.30 Huntington, WV @ Fort Nothing 7.31 Seymour, TN @ Elsweyr 8.1 Nashville, TN @ Drkmttr 8.2 Memphis, TN @ Stu Stu Studio 8.4 Springfield, MO @ Outland Ballroom 8.5 Troy, MO @ Barf Nest 8.6 Chicago, IL @ The Burlington 8.7 Grand Rapids, MI @ Tip Top Deluxe 8.8 Flushing, MI @ Iron Orange Records 8.9 Columbus, OH @ Misfit Manor 8.10 Pittsburgh, PA @ Spirit 8.11 College Park, MD @ The Void 8.12 Frederick, MD @ Cafe Nola 8.13 Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar

Posted 2017-07-28

The Long Road To Shoneys...

YES IT IS TRUE Tomato Dodgers are touring again! We'll see you on......the road....

Posted 2017-07-11

JUST ANNOUNCED: Tomato Dodgers at The Hamilton - This Friday!

That's right! We're playing the luxurious Hamilton in DC this Friday, in support of the highy-funky Flow Tribe. Tickets at

Posted 2017-06-19

Tomato Dodgers at Strange Adventures III

Posted 2017-06-13

Live Session: "She's Into Leather"

We made this video for our new song "She's Into Leather" with a little help from our friends! Shouts out to the Writer's Bloc - check the full interview at xoxo

Posted 2017-01-26

New Song: Standing In The Soup Line feat. Antihero

Yes, it's true: this is a brand new track, lovingly shaped by Tomato Dodgers and Antihero, with special production and keys by kid wonder Zack Be. Dig it. It's part of an ACLU benefit comp we're honored to be on. Digital track and physical CD available for download at

Posted 2017-01-23

A Video

Wow, it is true! a Journalist made a Representative Video documenting our strange existence in an unfathomable universe. WATCH BELOW, thank u to adam-- Our next show is Jan 7 @ The Playroom in Bethesda and then Jan 27 @ Tropicalia in DC xoxo Jeaux-Phred

Posted 2016-12-13

It's In The Press So It Must Be True: We Are An Up-And-Coming College Band

Shouts out Fresh U for writing us up on this list of Up-And-Coming College Bands! Right up with to Diet Cig <3

Posted 2016-10-18

Hi there, tough guy.

We are back from tour and very much alive. Since our return to glorious homeland, we've begun the conceptual phase of birthing our upcoming release, which may or may not be titled Jeaux-Phred And The Infinite Badassness. More on that to come.... Talk soon! Please make sure you water your arugula so you can trim it into a cape for the blue-blooded. xoxoxo, TD

Posted 2016-09-01

I am feeling the post-tour blues my friends

...luckily we had the foresight to take a bunch of snapchats while we were Out. if it so interests you, the compilation of all these scraps of evidence resides here for your viewing pleasure. miss you.

Posted 2016-08-12


🎶 LISTEN UP 👂🏽 -- Pete here 🖖🏽, I have finally infiltrated the complex security systems of the Tomato Dodgers internet page to cut you a deal 🕵🏽 📠📸 🤘🏼 So, as you know, our homecoming show at Rock and Roll Hotel is this SATURDAY! 😨😱😵😲 ✔️🆒. Want some free tickets? 🆓✔️ 1) take a photo of you doing your best Jeaux Phred impression 😋 2) send it to us over at 😈 🏵🏵🏵Best impression gets 2 tix. Winner decided on FRIDAY at NOON 🏵🏵🏵 ⌛️⌛️⌛️

Posted 2016-08-03

Sum live vidya

Here's a highly moxious multi-GoPro vid of us playing "All The Time" at CincinNative in Cincinnati! Shouts out Aaron for the footage xoxo

Posted 2016-07-14

Diamondback Feature

I thought I'd escaped UMD when I graduated, but here we are, featured in the University's newspaper The Diamondback! Bada bing bada boom baby. First night of tour was a slamdance party! Much love to the people who came out from near & far. Christiansburg, VA tonight at North Fork Gardens......the party don't start til I walk in.......

Posted 2016-06-23

Tomato Dodger Photoshoot

The rumors are true. This week we were interviewed by demons.

Posted 2016-06-19

Website launched!!!


Posted 2016-06-19

It's a miracle

It's a miracleIt's a miracleIt's a miracleIt's a miracleIt's a miracleIt's a miracle

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Posted 2016-06-18